Up to $8000 credit

Yes, South Florida, your eyes are perfect, and you read it well. Bleu Palms Real Estate is giving you up to $8000 credit for renovations and repairs with the listing of your house!!

We know a lot of you is having trouble selling your home, why? Many reasons, such as it's not as new as it used to be, over the years have had one, two or more repairs, some remodeling and why not? Construction too.  Dealing with all that without being a contractor or designer can be a massive headache. 

But, we have excellent news!! The Bleu Palms Brand has created a new program will solve all of your issues. You must be wondering, wow, how can I do that? It's pretty simple. You are one phone call away, and you just need to get qualified by our experts in the field.  

Once you follow all these easy steps and get qualified, guess what? The fun begins for our team and for you too! You are not going to lie that it's quite exciting to see your house having a fabulous makeover. 

Stop thinking and make that call! You're not going to regret it. We will be happy to give you the house you deserve. 

By. Karla Villafuerte