Recruitment & Orientation at Bleu Palms Real Estate

Maybe you've heard about how Real Estate companies have orientation once you have initiated your contract with them and perhaps they guide you through your first deal with a client and that's it, but what you haven't heard is what Bleu Palms Real Estate is doing right now:

We take orientation and recruitment process to a whole different level!!!

Together with The Droddy Group, we want to take agents that just have their Real Estate license and don't know anything about the business but also, guide agents that, for some reason, hasn't performed any Real Estate action in years.

For the new agents, we are going to cover things like how to open a Zillow account? Be active on Social Media, etc. Pretty basic you may think, but trust me, this can increase your exposure in the Real Estate world, especially in West Palm Beach.

Another orientation topics (new and veteran agents) such like register in the RAPB, create an MLS profile, Home Buyer Consultation, Listing Presentation, Preview an Open House, Transaction Management; you name it, and we got it covered.

Now the big question: What makes us different? Why is Bleu Palms Real Estate the best option for me, as an agent? Well, the answer is easy, because we care! We care about all of our agents; we are HERE for YOU 24/7. Our orientation doesn't stop after the meeting.

Stop wasting your time and make THE decision that's going to change your life! Be part of our team!


Who is The Droddy Group?

The Droddy Group is a real estate team within one of the fastest growing real estate brokerage companies in Florida, Bleu Palms Real Estate. Jason, Aimee and Kevin are real estate professionals who have built a team of highly qualified, experienced, and driven partners.

The Droddy Group has taken the role of Strategic Growth Directors of Bleu Palms Real Estate. They genuinely believe in the Bleu Palms brand and have made their mission to grow the brand with nothing less than extraordinary real estate professionals. 
They are continually creating training and support of the highest quality. 

Written by: Karla Villafuerte