10 tips: How to decorate YOUR home with a low budget!

How to decorate your home with a low budget!!

"Even the smallest change can make the most significant difference."

When you are used to seeing everything in the same way and the same color, a simple change can make a HUGE difference. Whether it's the color of the walls, the color of the accents pillows in your living room, or even adding a mirror on an empty wall can revitalize the space. 

We are going to give you TEN tips on how you can do a small makeover in your home; believe me, you are going to notice the contrast these changes are going to make in your home. 

1. New Paint: A fresh coat of white (or any color) paint brightened up a living room.

2. Transformed closet: Turn a closet into a simple craft "room" by covering the doors with pegboard. 

3. Decorate with glassware: Make a trip to your local vintage store and have a mix of old and new glassware to sit on your kitchen shelf.


4. Install a new faucet: Replace your bathroom sink's faucet with a larger kitchen-size (up to you) version to give the fixture a unique bespoke feel. 

5. Install a mirror: A single well-placed mirror has the power to make a small room seem more significant.  Grab that old picture frame you tossed and paint it; you will kill two birds with one stone with this change. 

6. DIY artwork: Time to use your inner painter (or take the old calendar pages) and frame them. You will change a lot you empty and boring walls with this artwork. Try a grid design; it will look more modern if that is the style you want to try.


7. Freshen up cabinets: If you already are happy with the way your cabinets are, perfect! We just need to freshen up a little bit. New paint!!! Choose the color you love and start painting. The simplest of all budgets updates.

8. Bathroom display shelf: There's always a pretty way to display all the toiletries. Remove the back of an old wine crate or wooden box, add a nice coat of paint and there you have it. 

9. Bright idea: Felling closed-in? Great, remove a part of the wall and build a beautiful window. Natural light it is always a better option than artificial light, plus, your power bill will thank you.

10. Sew your own: Save big by sewing your pillows, window treatments, bedding and living room.


There you go! Simple and easy, right? And great news, we can help you with your home makeover!! Yay, Bleu Palms has a fantastic Construction & Design team, they can do wonders. Don't hesitate and contact us to get a quote. 

Written by: Karla Villafuerte