Bleu Palms has an office for you!!

Your company’s office is more than just the space people work in. In many ways, it’s the home away from home for your hardworking employees.

Just like an ideal home, your office should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in. It should encourage inspiration, creativity, and productivity!

For your employees to do their best work, your office should have different rooms and spaces that meet their various needs and Bleu Palms has that!

We decided to have you in the building; we are renting two of the offices we have; whether you are in the Real Estate business, Finance, Title Company, Mortgage or even Construction, we have a place for you!

We have all the amenities with a plus. A kitchen where you can prepare a delicious coffee in the morning, a lobby where your clients can wait comfortable, bathroom, parking spaces and a walking distance local stores and restaurants perfect for lunch. 

Located at 804 N Olive, West Palm Beach. We really are in the heart of downtown!