Home trends of 2018

Rumor has it... 2018 will bring an explosion of color, textures, and patterns into your home. You better be ready because this blog will be A-MA-ZING!

The Interior Design Industry and Construction have done their homework, and they found out the best tendencies for your home. 

Ready? Let's start with metallics. Gold and silver do not have to be at war all the time, this year they reconciled, and together they go better than ever.  And you know who has joined the party? Rose-gold!! Don't be scared and get out of your comfort zone. 



Patterns. Say goodbye to your dull old hardwood. How sound a patterned flooring? I know this may be quite scary, but you can choose beautiful designs with neutral colors. Let's call this trend the "transition trend." 

Spa. Before you start thinking about all those super expensive treatments that you wish you had for Valentines Day read this. You already have a bathroom, what if you transform this space into a spa-like sanctuary?. A new tub, luxurious black and white towels, floral arrangements, and candles all create an overall appeal that serves up an oasis in your very own home.


Bring your doors to life. Give your guests a bright and cheery welcome with a door that isn’t just any old basic shade. From traditional doors to gates, a colorful hue is always appreciated, 

Plants. This could be the easiest of all but is not. Maintain your plants alive could be a challenge. There really are so many fun and tropical options if you make your way over to your local nursery.


There you go, five hot home trends to apply right away into your home. Remember, if you are not an expert in renovations or just do not want to do it, you know who call. Bleu Palms Construction & Design are the ones for this task.

Written by: Karla Villafuerte