I think one of the advantages I possess is the mere fact that I am from this area, having had the great pleasure of living and growing up in Loxahatchee. Since I was raised in a rural area, I love the outdoor lifestyle! I appreciate everything about this area and the people who live in these communities. Growing up here has molded me into being a healthy, down-to-earth person. Coming from a rural area, I developed a straight-forwarded approach in my communication. Consequently, growing up in South Florida, some people have pointed out that I possess a certain hint of southern hospitality!

Our father worked in construction and I learned a great deal from him. One thing I learned early in my childhood is the importance of the real estate industry. My upbringing instilled in me the core values of respecting people’s time and doing what you say you will. These values are evident in my punctuality, and the care I bring to every customer.

I have always had a fascination with interior design. As well as landscaping artistry, and different architectural styles. I have learned the importance of keeping deadlines and putting the needs of others first.

One critical element present in the construction industry is there are certain unknown factors, such as weather and the delivery of supplies. The same elements exist in real estate sales. Every transaction is as different as the individuals themselves are. I have found my easy-going demeanor helps when things get tough. My ability to get along with others and calming people down are beneficial. Having these characteristics is essential when working through challenges. As a result, I understand that it is important to be respectful of others, as well as, remain professional at all times.

In conclusion, having a genuine affection for people and my career, I work hard every day. Most of all, helping people find the right home is my greatest joy.


Brittany Gragg