Originally from Long Island, NY, Chanda Blanford, made her way south to Miami, Florida with her family seeking warm weather and a new start in the early 2000’s. Captivated with West Palm Beach, she relocated to the area about 4 years ago, and has since called it home. With a background in business management and retail merchandising, Chanda utilizes her experience with visual management and love of aesthetics in her role as a home designer for Bleu Palms Construction. Partnered with Chase Watters, they both run the construction company of Bleu Palms. She plays a crucial role of business development by planning, designing, managing renovations as well as new build projects. 

While working for different corporate companies as a visual manager over the years, she has naturally created an admiration for design and architecture for home renovation. This allowed her to make an easy and organic transition. Chanda, has instantaneously adapted her creative talent as co-partner for Bleu Palms Construction and taking initiative to grow the company. Not only has her hard-working performance resulted in becoming a business partner with the company, but as a women she has brought out a softer light into the Bleu Palms Construction family.