Our creative director, Jorde Carey, manages the design and construction execution of our investment property projects. Working closely with licensed contractors and architects, each home is analyzed for improvements that will add value and appeal. As a Florida native, she is well versed in the best materials for our unique tropical environment. 

Jorde, began practicing structural design and planning while studying at Florida Atlantic University. After graduating college, she relocated to Los Angeles, CA, gaining several years of decorative design experience. Jorde, not only managed residential and commercial design projects, Jorde, developed hospitality and custom furnishing ventures. 

Happy to be back on the east coast, Jorde, enjoys applying her skillset to an industry and area that she is truly passionate for. With a genuine eye for color, composition, and space, her unique approach incorporates efficient investing in home improvement, giving you the ability to ask for higher listing prices, and lead to quicker sales!