Wilmer “Will” Flores, is a Real Estate Consultant with Bleu Palms and has been in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years. Spanning the course of the decade, he has also specialized in all areas of financing and different types of loans which has surpassed over $50 million in loans. With Will’s financing experience and real estate knowledge gained through the years, he’s had the ability to help clients easily walk through the process that make buying or refinancing a home a reality. Along with financing Will quickly began climbing the ranks of Real Estate as well as flipping and renovating homes in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Will was born in California and relocated with his mother and siblings to the city of New York at an early age. Uprooting and constantly moving between New York and California, gave Will the inspiration and desire to lay a foundation for him and his future family. From the constant moving between New York and California, inspired Will to desire a place for himself in both states; yet he could never just choose one. To this day, Will still remanences back to those times and wonder what brought him to Florida, and it was his growing family. With an emphasis on family, Will, wanted to give them the best environment to live in. It was Florida that gave the best landscape for his family’s dream of home ownership and so much more. Wills’ family oriented community is bent on giving the children and their future the education and the tools they need to succeed.

Will also enjoys being part of shaping the treasure coast, and his community by making would be renters from bigger cities into homeowners here in Florida. “Our Treasure coast is the best place to raise your family and mine today. We have a family oriented community bent on giving our children and our future the education and the tools they need to succeed. We have schools exceeding expectations and being recognized as some of the best in the state or even the country. This is a great time to make Florida your residency.”
Will’s team of consultants and Bleu Palms Real Estate, guarantee you find a home that is suitable for you, and your family’s needs just like Will did.
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