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Kyle C. Watters


Residential Real Estate | Residential Renovation | Hedge Funds | Real Estate Funds | High Preforming Rental Aggregate Portfolio | Investments | Value-Add Projects

Kyle Watters founded Bleu Palms Real Estate and is the CEO and Principal Broker based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. His paramount goal for the Bleu Palms Group is to offer connections within all the facets that make up real estate services to ensure every agents need is meet; from sales and rentals, to mortgage, construction, new developments and property and estate management.

Kyles roots originate from Iowa, moving down to Wellington, Florida in 2001. Ready for a more fast-paced lifestyle, in 2004 Kyle attended Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Florida International University in 2009, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with honors and distinguished awards throughout his years in college.

He continued develop and grow investor and hedge funds portfolios focused on real estate home renovation and disposition.Passionate to his craft, he continuously seeks to stay ahead of the game when it comes to market education and trends. Thus in 2015, Kyle founded his own brokerage built with out-of-the-box thinking that offers an array of real estate services that is today the Bleu Palms Brand.

Kyle is passionate about building relationships and making connections from people to businesses.The Bleu Palms Group looks forward to discussing how we can help you meet your goals, and how we can partner to ensure you achieve them.



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Charles Watters


Luxury, Equestrian & Equestrian Farm Estates | Residential Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate | Residential Renovation |New Housing Development

Another Beautiful Day in South Florida! Charles Watters, senior member of The Watters Team and Bleu Palms Group has been licensed since 2000. Charles has expert knowledge in the Palm Beach and Wellington area, and is always on top of the new developments coming to the Palm Beaches. He works with residential buyers and sellers, in addition to working with investors in remodeling and building new developments. His extremely positive attitude and attention to detail, makes buyers feel that they are connected and that he knows exactly what they are looking for.

Charles was fortunate enough to relocate his family to Florida 18 years ago. Iowa by birth, Florida by choice. We love our Florida home and life style; let us help you find yours!


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Chase M. Watters


Licensed Building Contractor | Residential Real Estate | Residential Renovation | Real Estate Photography

Chase launched himself into the family business getting his Real Estate License at the age of 19, while going to Florida International University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Chase conveys the importance of timely communication, accurate information, diligent follow up and strong negotiation to deliver a full service renovation experience to all my clients, whether buying, selling, or flipping. Throughout the years Chase has developed an in-depth knowledge for construction and a keen sense of what will be the ‘next great neighborhood’. Seeing a need for younger visionary contractors in the business he became a Licensed Building Contractor himself as of 2017. As well as construction, Chase and his fiancé started a real estate photography business in 2018, properly named Shoot To Sell. Chase is very well rounded and versed in all facets of real estate.

With an approachable attitude and relaxed demeanor, Chase brings a refreshing perspective to the industry and can assure his clients no detail will be overlooked.



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Sherry Watters


Residential Real Estate | Residential Renovation

Sherry Watters is a licensed Real Estate Agent and consultant with Bleu Palms Group. Sherry is an asset with the Watters Team, consisting of her husband Chuck and their sons Kyle and Chase. With over 18 years in the industry, Sherry has had the opportunity to work with Bank owned properties; consisting of oversight, management, and her hands-on approach with her team on rehab and renovations of distressed homes. Her Watters group members have consistently sought out her advice and trusted her judgment on a plethora of projects, and real estate dealings.

Sherry enjoys spending time boating on Lake Wellington and the Palm Beach inner coastal, playing tennis with the family and taking an afternoon stroll with the family dog, Lexie. Being an Iowa native she moved her family to South Florida in 1999 and has loved every moment of it. There is no place like home, and we want to help you find yours!


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Wilmer O. Flores


Mortgages | Financing | Loans | Investments | New Housing Development | Residential Renovation | Residential Real Estate

Wilmer “Will” Flores, is a Real Estate Consultant with the Bleu Palms Group and has been in the Real Estate industry for over 12 years. Spanning the course of the decade, he also specialized in all areas of financing and different types of loans which has surpassed over $100 million in loans. With Will’s financing experience and real estate knowledge gained through the years, he’s had the ability to help clients easily walk through the process that make buying or refinancing a home a reality. Along with financing Will quickly began climbing the ranks of Real Estate as well as flipping and renovating homes in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Originally from New York, then California, It was Florida that gave him the best landscape for his family’s dream of home ownership and so much more. Wills’ family oriented community is bent on giving children and their future the education and the tools they need to succeed.

This is a great time to make Florida your residency and with Will’s team of consultants and the Bleu Palms Group, we guarantee you find a home that is suitable for you, and your family’s needs, just like Will did!



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“We do the impossible when we tell ourselves we can”

-Chip Gaines