The New Bleu Palms

Hello _______________, and welcome to the new and improved Bleu Palms Group website and mad-blog page! We are excited for this transition from when we first started in 2015, to a more _______________ and modern kind of real estate brokerage. It has been an amazing past couple of years with so many of the best agents joining the brokerage, we couldn’t have been as successful as a whole as we are now without all of you, agents and team members alike. We are so _______________ to roll out this newly revamped business as we make our way into the future of real estate. The new Bleu Palms Group is all about keeping everything simplified, modern, minimal but yet refined. There was no need for the traditional brick and motor office that, lets face it, not many people came to anymore, so we _______________ the walls down and decided to go in the direction it was headed to anyway, digital! Goodbye office, hello 21st century! If our parents are doing everything online and working poolside at home, well why sit alone in an office when we could be working from a favorite local coffee shop while sipping on a _______________ in the afternoon?! Doing this, we were also able to help out our agents big time by cutting down their costs, like high transaction fees and carbon footprints driving to the office, so they can in essence, be able to have more money in their bank accounts. So take a look at what’s new with the Bleu Palms Brand, and we hope you _______________ this fun interactive kind of blog!

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