Bad Holiday Habits

Not only does Bad Santa have some bad holiday habits during the season, but we might have some stirring around this time of year that’s hard to break as well. Let’s start off with the obvious, the food! There’s nothing more _______________ than holiday food, and there’s always leftovers. If you’re a December socialite, you’re most likely going to a holiday party or gathering every weekend in December, and of course there’ll be lots of drinks and food there. Sure it’s only polite to try _______________ on the sharing table but you gotta admit, it’s probably not the wisest. This is one bad holiday habit that is Very hard to break. While on the topic of food and drinks, another bad holiday habit to break are those fun and tasteful holiday drinks. We all can admit that every time we go to a party the first or second thing that is asked is, “Can I get you a drink?”, followed by 9 out of 10 times a, '“Heck yes”. But knowing when to say “No thank you” is a holiday habit that’s hard to break especially after having a _______________ drinks. Did you know that December is National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month and National Impaired Driving Month? This month lets promote awareness on the issues of drunk driving during the holiday season, especially the insurance ramifications of a DUI. From all of here with the Bleu Palms Group please, please be responsible. Along with the amazing food and drinks during the season is the staying out way too late. Be aware that the later you stay out and have fun, so do other people which makes it more dangerous driving from _______________ to home at 2AM. Plus you never wan to overstay your welcome at a _______________ party, so again make sure to pace yourself and spend time with people you want to have fun with the most. It’s always fun to go to holiday events, so make sure you do so! If you’re the type of person that stays at home for the holidays and that’s your bad holiday habit, Get Out There and Have Fun! Take advantage of getting social, meeting new people and the delicious holiday treats! As far as gift giving goes for bad habits, make sure it’s thoughtful but don’t overspend. Come January you don’t want to live with regret by spending _______________ for the season. Thoughtful gift giving is smart spending.

There are a lot of bad holiday habits that we have and we can break, but be aware of them. Perhaps as the pre-resolution before this years end, make it a good habit to break a bad habit!

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