Preparing For Holidays With Family

As soon as the family was done with Thanksgiving dinner, just before the stroke of midnight, the Christmas tree was up, decorated and lit! In our family we really look forward to setting up the tree and have made it a tradition to race against the clock to completely set it up straight out of the box (yes, we use a fake tree) starting at 11pm to midnight. Whatever the tree looks like at midnight is what it’ll look like for the rest of December. I gotta admit though, we’re pretty good at it! It is those _______________ traditions that we look forward to just before the season begins. We’ve all shared unforgettable moments of excitement, family gatherings, reminiscing, making new memories with new family members, sitting around a table talking, playing games, _______________ or at the TV yelling out answers to Jeopardy. And looking back, most of the best memories in our lives, were free or inexpensive…the most precious gift was always time for one another. Since we all work together, it is easy to forget how important it is to get together and share those times with each other. It’s one thing to say it, and another to actually do it (I feel a New Year’s resolution coming on). Even my new extended family has their traditions, even if they don’t call it a tradition, on Christmas Eve. Which works out perfect for splitting time between family during this time.

As much as gift giving is important, it is gift shopping, _______________ and wrapping is where it begins! Starting out with a list and checking it twice is a very real thing. It’s important to have more than a couple options written down when shopping for gifts because you don’t want to spend more too much time looking for one person when you have 6+ people to shop for. It is very easy to lose time in a store or online when you go in looking for something and they don’t have it and now have to find something else but didn’t have a back up gift option, and are now walking out with a _______________ and a giant swan float for your own pool instead! Not that I would know from experience or anything… but be prepared and have a back up! Making a gift or receiving a made gift from the heart is also a wonderful and thoughtful inexpensive way to gift give as well. Most times those make for the most memorable gifts of all! When wrapping those thoughtful gifts, make it an event! Set a day and time, prepare your favorite holiday drink and watch a couple of your favorite or new holiday movies while wrapping them. That is one of our traditions as well and it is so much fun! It takes the stress of shopping for the gifts worthwhile, and it’s even better to see the looks on _______________ face(s) when they receive it and open it up! That’s what preparing for the holidays is all about to us, sharing _______________, memories and joy!

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