Getting Fit For The Holidays

Hello, and I hope you read and enjoyed filling in our pervious Blog-Libs so much so you’re going to do it again on this one! Everyones minds works differently and it’s _______________ to see what you have in mind to fill in the blanks, so definitely do!

Happy Friday! As we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving, and will be chowing down a lot of amazing food, I know beforehand that I personally will be doing my darnedest to eat _______________ and slim down a bit before I end up like the bird on the table, stuffed! This week it’s all about being green, cardio and _______________. As for cardio, the Bleu Palms Group is doing a 5K this Sunday, November 18th, in memory of Kevin P. Enterlein. This run/walk is aimed at assisting families that have been struggling financially through their own battle with cancer. I am not much of a runner myself, so I will definitely be _______________ to the finish line and hope that you can make it out to join us! Besides cardio I believe it’s as important to track what you take in as much rather than doing another “certified weight loss diet”. It’s all about what you intake in your body and what works best for you. No one knows you better than _______________, so eat good and work work work those buns so you can eat those delicious warm flaky buns on Thursday!

From all of us behind the scenes at the Bleu Palms Group, till next Friday, we’d like to wish you a very _______________ and wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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