Join Because…

absolutley no franchise or Transaction Fees!

We’re taking all the Unnecessary high fees out of the average brokerage!

  • franchise fees?! . . . who has the time or the money for that?,

  • Commission split!? Nope. certainly not when you worked your glutes off for a listing or sale,

  • transaction fees, royalty fees, broker review, . . no thanks!

At Bleu Palms Real Estate we want to be as Transparent as possible so you’re not faced with any hidden surprises. You are a member and should be treated like one!

100% Commission!

we Understand how hard you work for your commission, we’ve been there, so keep 100% of it!. All agents earn 100% commissions on all transactions regardless of your production level. Your earnings stay with you, not your broker. And that’s the bottom line.

Cloud Based technology at your fingertips

As a member of The Bleu Palms Group, you have access to some of the most powerful technologies in real estate. This includes:

  • top-tier transaction technology

  • 24/7 support and online training.

  • with the “Premium Membership” you will receive a tablet/workstation with all the Software and apps already installed on it!

  • escrow to close transaction management system,

  • Digital signature software,

  • And so Much more!

As a member you also have additional opportunities an optional Transaction Coordinator service to Assist you with any of your transactions at a Separate cost.

Work Anywhere

Bleu Palms group members have the opportunity to work from anywhere you choose. Whether it be from the Comfort of your own home, a local coffee or smoothie shop, or at a virtual office/workshop. You should have the Freedom to work from Somewhere that inspires you, makes you feel Comfortable and is a healthy work Environment for a more productive day!

You choose your membership

We’ve redesigned the traditional brokerage to create a company where every agent has the unique opportunity to choose between a “Standard Membership” or “Premium Membership”. You choose Which of the two options work for you., but only the Premium Membership comes with a tablet/workstation with all the Integrated technology already on there.

To become a member of the Bleu Palms Group :

  • Agent Signup/initiation fee - $175

  • Standard membership - $50 a month

  • Premium membership - $150 a month (This will include a tablet/workstation with installed technology)

  • Freeze Option - Non-Active Agent (less than 1 sale a year) - $10 a Month . . yes $10 a month! (you are allowed to "freeze" the account up to 1 time per anniversary year. Should the agent have a closing they will have to pay a un-freeze fee of $175 and submit the proper paperwork needed for compliance in order to get paid)

  • Annual Membership Renewal - $95 (per calendar year)

Nothing more, nothing less. That is it. If you feel as you are ready to make a change and become a member, this is it. really, do not hesitate to reach out. the bleu palms group, would love nothing more than to share some success stories about our agents and why they made the switch to Bleu Palms Real Estate.

Schedule a Lunch & Learn and let’s chat to see if being a Bleu Palms Group member Would be the right fit for you!